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Pinnacle Studio Software and Coupons

 Pinnacle Studio is a video editing software which encompasses a wide range of video editing tools. It allows easy creation of high quality videos from a simple interface.

The program contains a wide range of effects, both 2D and 3D. It also supports audio enhancement and multi-track editing which ensures that several audio and video clips are merged into one final video.

Among the capabilities of Pinnacle Studio is the ability to:

·Produce 4K Ultra HD videos

·Adjust the level of opacity of different tracks so that they overlay each other, this increases visibility of multiple tracks.

·Design graphics or write text which moves alongside the objects in your video.

·Edit 360 degree videos

·Add elements to videos by a drag and drop feature.

·Make a live screen capture.

The versatility of the software enables it to suit both amateur and professional users. This is because of the simplicity of its interface.

The original, Pinnacle Studio software is sold in three different packages:

·Pinnacle Studio 20 - $49.95

·Pinnacle Studio 20 Plus - $79.95

·Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate - $99.95

However, great pinnacle discount coupons can be claimed online from spiqy.com/pinnacle-discount-code/


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