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Frames Direct Technology Gives the Gift of Sight

Loss of vision is one of the most devastating tragedies we can imagine. We live our lives and create powerful memories through our eyes, and the ability to enjoy colors, taste the world around us and understand the change of seasons through the crisp browns of falling leaves. We experience a wonderful holiday through the vibrant azure of rolling waves at a beach. If we lose our sight, we’re forced to heroically compensate for this loss. However, Frames Direct is currently testing a new technology that gives to the legally blind the ability to see.
An internationally-collaborative Canadian company is currently seeking to change the way the world looks at blindness through the replacement of the body’s capacity to see its surroundings. E-Sight3 is currently testing prototype models of a visor headset that allows the wearer to understand there may yet be an alternative to a sightless world.

Our eyes, simply speaking, cameras – they operate using focal points in much the same way that lenses in photographic and digital equipment do. E-Sight's goggles operate under the same basic principles, with a headset that utilizes a wide-field, high-speed, high-definition camera. This results in a constant video feed to the wearer, giving them full, brilliant images with no delay in receiving information. The user can even capture images and video using the device, something our eyes don’t have the capacity to do (save via our memory, which is admittedly lacking at times).

The company has also done wonders in making sure that technology-aided vision doesn’t resemble something out-of-this-world. The profile of the device is surprisingly low, with the camera typically able to fit around the wearer’s extent glasses with small bands that are quite good at ensuring there’s no accidental detachment. It’s wonderfully light and can be worn daily without any undue stress to the neck or shoulders, critical to making sure the vision system is something that can be forgotten about in lieu of its obvious enhancement to sight. It is effective enough to give those with little or no sight the capacity to easily bridge the gap between reading, using a computer or simply watching a film, and works in nearly 70% of cases of individuals who have lost their sight.

Whereas the headset is understandably costly due to development costs, as well as the undeniable cost of such advanced equipment, profit is not the motivation for creating the glasses. Its founder has two siblings who are legally blind, and his mission statement was to solve the problem of sightlessness, so they could enjoy the world as he did. The company, therefore, does whatever it can to support individuals seeking to regain their sight through whatever means possible – fundraising, grants, sites like QurAdia.com and most importantly the creativity of the human spirit’.

It’s impossible to describe how much the gift of sight would mean to a sightless individual. Perhaps the best way to relay this information would be the look on someone’s face as they’re able to read this article for the first time.

Frames Direct discount coupons are available for this technology when it comes to production. Quradia.com works closely with framesdirect.com to provide the latest coupons.


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